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Dylan James
Dylan James


by Dylan James

Embark on a musical journey with “Bye Bye Girl” by the 16-year-old blues and jazz prodigy, Dylan James “Boogie Boy” Shaw. Hailing from Dallas, TX, this young artist has already earned the title of “Blues Kid Of The Year,” sponsored by Chicago’s Columbia College and Allstate Insurance.

Dylan’s expertise in jazz and pop shines through in this soulful composition, where his skills as a pianist and vocalist take center stage. Mentored by renowned musicians in the blues and jazz world, “Bye Bye Girl” reflects the depth of his musical prowess. Let the melodic notes and emotive vocals of Dylan James “Boogie Boy” Shaw captivate your senses, as he proves that age is no barrier to creating timeless and enchanting music. Say farewell to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with “Bye Bye Girl.”

Dylan James

Dylan James

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