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YTR Money, YTR Ant, and YTR Tarun.


by YTR Money, YTR Ant, and YTR Tarun.

YTR’s latest offering “Calabasas” has a distinctly relaxed mood about it. The artists’ lead vocals are drenched in reverb and softly glide along the surroundings – their performance and their placement within the track bring a sense of both rap and melodrama at once.

Youngins Turnt Rich, as known as YTR, emerged on the scene with their versatile flows and “Turnt” energy. Being hugely influenced by THE BAY and genres across the world, the group originated with the goal of uniting humanity across the world with music and other forms of art. YTR is pushing its mission across the globe with two main locations in Florida and California. The group was co-founded by YTR Ant and YTR Money who later discovered YTR Tarun after noticing his unique sound and dedication toward success, he later joined the group. The group was officially established in 2019 and after consistently releasing songs on Soundcloud, YTR released their first official single Drama across all major platforms.

Structurally the track evolves powerfully. Just as you think you know the system, the whole thing becomes something new – the vibe changes after the first pause, exploding into something more energetic, exciting, and chaotic. This breaks down again for voicemail after the song’s midpoint. Then the ambiance picks up again, then the flow changes a bit, and you start focusing on the lyrics from here on out. As always, YTR’s work takes the form of a confident but methodical builder who gives nothing away. In addition to the art of the moment, it slowly but surely surrounds you in the story and emotions.

Structurally the track is really interesting. As stated, the beat starts off subtly and attractively, but over the space of nearly three minutes, the soundscape progresses as this uniquely detailed story unfolds. The beat is great, and you really notice this more and more as things progress. The intro draws you in with some loose but slightly dark vibe, then the lead vocals unfold, with personal storytelling, and characterful vocals. Soon, This is the perfect build-up to the power of the later, following hook section.

The structure of this song is actually the most characteristic part of its existence. The melodic delivery and dominant vocal style exhibit a hip-hop or rap foundation, but overall, the performance has a distinct delicacy, perhaps leaning in the direction of grunge or melodic hip-hop rather than anything overly harsh. It works on a distinctly human level, notes picked throughout the chords and chords, drawing you in for the reality and sincerity implied by the sound. It’s an experience that many listeners respond well to.


YTR Money, YTR Ant, and YTR Tarun.

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