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by Johaira Michelle

“Rona” by “Johaira Michelle” from Los Angeles, Ca presents audiences with warm and unique hip-hop with pop, adding an extra touch of energy and flair to a bright and well-polished single for all audiences.

This is the third jam in the Covid Trilogy. A nurse working through the pandemic finds healing in creating art and recognizing the unique moment in time we are experiencing as humanity. Through this song, she is paying tribute to those we have lost during the pandemic. She always heals through art. As well she mentions, Our community has so much disparity. Music is her way of speaking out about many global issues.

The song’s melody further fosters its simplicity, consisting of short, monotonous lines, with only a slight change in pitch from one section to the next. The words used are catchy and this type of songwriting perfectly portrays the idea that less is more. Nothing is added just to fill the space within the song – the space is left, and you have to reflect the sound of the music and the ideas presented by the singer and songwriter. What you are left with is a hypnotic progression of lines that circle around you, reinforcing these deeply reflected thoughts and their undeniably human nature.

The song is everything you hope for when looking for upbeat and upbeat music to inspire or motivate. The production is crisp and driven by the positive energy that flows through you as you listen. The lyrics portray the all-important sentiments of an optimistic, hard-working, and motivated songwriter who hopes to instill the same feeling of unstoppability in all who hear the song. The accompanying video furthers this idea of ​​unity, the song is very important and the video fits that idea perfectly. Optimism is enhanced by scenes of youthfulness and energy between vocal performance moments.

In some cases, this can mean that a song exists as this distant, separate art form that can only be briefly experienced or enjoyed. The song has an instantly accessible atmosphere, and the lines somehow seem relevant to you and whatever you’ve been through. All of this adds greatly to the appeal of the song, which demonstrates an intriguing and thoughtful artist. Well worth looking into.

johaira michelle

Johaira Michelle

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