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Caller ID

by RPxSB

Very catchy sound design, combining nostalgic rhythmic and tempo energy with modern vocal delivery and writing. RP’s collaboration with SB pushes everything to new heights for this unique hip-hop single, “Caller ID.”

Roddy Picante and Stay-Bizzy bridge the gap between wavy, weedy cloud rap and ’90s-inspired party music. They represent the rarest of San Francisco’s pre-elite blue-collar people who grew up and still live here. A time when hi-fi music dominated high school dances. They are still kicking it with the friends and family who came with them and everyone believes in the cause. It’s a side of San Francisco rarely shown. Life is a party, with all its ups and downs.

The track moves from dreamy to heavy as the story unfolds, with clearly blended voices and increasing passion and emotion, combining contemplation with explosive peaks of emotion and energy as the scene unfolds.

“Caller ID” expands RPxSB’s reach with catchy vocals and production in a similar character style, as well as a succession of bars that showcase the high intensity and powerful outtakes. “Caller ID” dramatically expands the artist’s audience, thanks to addictive hip-hop elements, current production and memorable, energetic vocal features.

“Caller ID,” clocking in at just under three minutes, keeps your attention on the easy repetition and resolution of this upbeat synth melody and hook line. There is no denying the depth of the major emotions that run through the mind towards the end of the track.

In short, good bars and vocal chops elevate this song over a modest, almost minimalist hip-hop production. The title of the song promises you that RP ft.SB is the focus of the scene, but what’s in it quickly backs up their argument.

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