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Being one of the tracks from the album “chess”, “AESTHETIC” is the newly released music video by the talented artist ATLS PLAZA N.D who was born and raised in Washington. Being a passionate music lover, PLAZA N.D mainly focuses on Vaporwave, Electronica, EDM, Lo-Fi, Spirituality, Trance, Psy-trance and Techno fields of music. He is considered as a self-taught electronica producer who has brought music talents by birth. Through his music, he brings a radically unbiased approach to his writings with the aim of creating a boundary breaking sound. . His tracks often take on a philosophical tone, likely as a result of his interest in devotional music from India. His songs can often be very personal in nature, as he frequently cites his beautiful wife as his biggest muse.
Among his songs, “AESTHETIC” is a five minutes and fifty one seconds music video in which music is projected in a very philosophical tone. His interest in devotional music is one of the reasons why his music appears so unique. In the same way, “AESTHETIC” starts off with a unique stream of music while blending with an amazing strum of beats. The rhythm of his music is so captivating that it gets blended with the beats in an enduring manner. Thus, “AESTHETIC” is a beautiful soundtrack with a classic anime. Having a vivid visual background combining colorful anime is another feature that has made “AESTHETIC” a perfect track. Further, the true message that is being conveyed through these anime, using the sounds which are almost meditative, makes the listeners uncertain as to where things will go next.
So “AESTHETIC” is indeed a peaceful track that relaxes the minds of the listeners. It takes the listeners to another whole world which is full of imaginations, fantasies, and allusions with its templates. Perhaps, “AESTHETIC” is the best jammer found in the album “Chess”, for its beat, chords, music, tempo and the sounds.



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