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Can’t Find My Car

by Heartour

Artist Heartour’s recently released “Can’t Find My Car” has a great sense of experimentation right from the start. It’s a really unusual setup, with a really well-written and interesting song, and overall what you get is something completely fresh, yet familiar enough to keep you comfortable and eager to listen.

It’s hard to pinpoint what it is about the music, everything fits together so well, it feels like an instant classic. The song has a stunningly catchy soundscape enhanced by a massive wall of surrounds, and on top of this the melody and lyrics add up to everything you could hope for when looking for a brand new hip hop track to sink your teeth into. For. Something about the way it’s written adds a hearty dose of nostalgia to the environment, but the whole thing undeniably feels completely new – and that’s what makes it so exciting. The whole thing is addictive, fresh and effective. It’s one to play at full volume, it’ll stay with you afterwards – you’ll find yourself wanting to listen again – and another reason you’d be a fool to miss a live show from this amazing soul.

The video that accompanies the song gives back to all involved, presenting a fascinating and welcoming piece of art for fans to explore. Great to hear this artist coming out with something so fresh and great. He’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

A full listen means letting the track get inside your head, and honestly, this is where songs like this belong. Anything that prompts you to think in that way, that opens the mind to alternative views of reality – makes you reconsider, reanalyze things – is worth letting into your consciousness. On the other hand, musically, the track almost belongs in a live show. In many ways, you can hear the energy and rhythm of the music, you can feel the passion and execution of the ideas, and overall – it’s a really refreshing kind of musical artistry for this time in our lives. To truly embrace the concept and essence of the song, seeing the ‘Heartour’ perform the song live would be crucial and probably extremely enjoyable. Amid another set of his original material, of course. The opening lyrics are one to grab your attention, and it gets more and more interesting from there. Worth a listen.

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