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Turning Back Time

by Ceej Boy

“Ceej Boy” has crafted something of an ambient masterpiece with this release “Turning Back Time.” The producer veers off down a deeply expressive pathway – one lined with multiple layers of classic synths and riffs, creating a dreamlike, electronically soaked, and a rather epic soundscape around you.

The inspiring story of this track revolves around a person who knows that everyone knows he is hurting and just wants to turn back time to start fresh. The track starts with a calm Intro and then goes into an uplifter beat. it will get you in the vibes.

Ceej Boy is popularly known as CJ. He is an electronic music producer known for creating various types of electronic music, from dubstep to future bass to other genres. He loves to go out of the box when it comes to creating music. His name is best known for dubstep. He loves to take different genres and make something completely new out of them. CJ has a passion for trying new things that have never been done before. He quotes “Do not be afraid of trying new things even if you do not succeed because at the end of the day you can say at least I tried”! Even when things go wrong, he never gives up. That’s what makes him the person he knows.

The fullness of the sound means that it has a naturally busy atmosphere, with many details gathered in one place, creating an unexpected calm. This is where your thoughts run free, and your mind wanders to the rhythm of whatever beats you. So the first time you listen, sometimes the melody takes you away, and the second time – sometimes it’s those distant synth notes. There seems to be an infinite number of ways to experience the song, and in any case – you’re likely to see and appreciate the depth of musicality and the sheer artistry of the whole journey.

“Turning Back Time” is an incredibly valuable atmospheric track with a strikingly haunting, soulful lead soundscape that gently but surely weaves its emotions into your consciousness. Rather than a simple piece of music with a predictable set-up, the track veers off into its own unexpected paths, feeling partly inspired by the weekend’s passionate meandering melodies, partly experimental, fresh from the hands of a well-seasoned. And a talented producer.

Each time the track reappears in your playlist, it becomes more enjoyable and sometimes more effective. There is something unique and incredibly emotional about the music of “Turning Back Time”.

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