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by Mia Laren

Performer, composer, producer, and dancer Mia Laren is about to drop her latest single, “Careful.” Five years ago, the Baltimore native started making music on her laptop. Mia joined the Peabody Choir at the tender age of 10 after being introduced to singing by her musically-inclined family. Because of her love of music, she decided to study dance in college and eventually earned a BA in the field from UMBC. Mia combines her passions for music and dance to create uplifting musical pieces that are autobiographical reflections of her experiences. The song “Careful” combines elements of Latin music, reggaeton, and pop, and features Mia’s incredible voice. The song is set to create waves in the music business because to its infectious melody and accessible lyrics. Listen to the song and watch the music video on Mia Laren’s official channel on YouTube.

Mia Laren

Mia Laren

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