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Joanna Dykstra Stryker

Carol of the Bells

by Joanna Dykstra Stryker

“Carol of the Bells” takes on a mesmerizing new form in the hands of the talented Joanna Dykstra Stryker. A musical maestro in her own right, Stryker brings a fresh perspective to this classic. Hailing from an undisclosed location, Stryker’s rendition of this holiday favorite is a true gift to the ears.

In her unique and organic arrangement, Stryker invites listeners on a sonic journey. The anticipation builds as subtle changes weave through the melody, creating a spellbinding atmosphere. Stryker’s love for the song is palpable, and she leaves a delightful surprise for those patient enough to wait till the end.

“Carol of the Bells” by Joanna Dykstra Stryker is not just a rendition; it’s a musical experience, a gift that keeps on giving. Press play and let the enchantment unfold.


Joanna Dykstra Stryker

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