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Catch What Truly Matters In Life

by Frank Poelman

In the serene shores of Cebu, Philippines, Frank Poelman strums his way into our hearts with “Catch What Truly Matters In Life.” This instrumental ballad is a soulful blend of bluesy guitar and jazzy vibes, a musical journey crafted by Frank in November 2023.

“Catch What Truly Matters In Life” isn’t just a song; it’s a melodic reminder to focus on life’s essentials – love, care, and, of course, music. Frank Poelman’s instrumental prowess tells a tale of setting realistic goals, achievable either now or in the gentle flow of time.

Let the tranquil sounds of Cebu resonate as you immerse yourself in the heartfelt notes of “Catch What Truly Matters In Life,” a musical testament to life’s priorities, love, and the universal language of melody.

Next Avenue Band - Cebu Philippines

Frank Poelman

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