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Et Depuis Quand

by Station

In the heart of France, the soulful echoes of Station’s latest single, “Et Depuis Quand,” are set to resonate on November 24th at 18h. This pop-rock ensemble, led by the heartfelt vision of Olivier, delves into a narrative that transcends music—a story of lost children, abducted by predators, and the enduring pain of parents left in their absence.

Station’s musical journey speaks directly to the French audience, aiming to touch hearts and minds with a melody that carries the weight of an important message. “Et Depuis Quand” isn’t just a song; it’s a poignant reflection on the anguish of families torn apart by tragedy.

As the clip unfolds, Station invites listeners to join them on this emotional voyage, a musical tribute that transcends borders and speaks to the collective human experience.

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