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TRXSH GXD is a talented artist in Steinbach, MB, Canada. He was born on 15th of May in 1996 in Winnipeg Manitoba. TRXSH GXD is formally known as Juice Boy Dead. However, his childhood is not a very delightful one. There were always arguments between his mother and father and they got separated and later got divorced. So TRXSH GXD grew as an only child in the family. TRXSH’s passion for music actually started when he was in his youth. He had a keen interest in playing drums and later his passion for punk rock and hip hop styles of music elevated.

During his high school time, he was a member of a metal core band and he played drums in this. Later, all of the members here graduated and they went for their individual paths. However TRXSH did not stop from here, he joined a hardcore punk band which lasted only for a couple of years. TRXSH got popular with his controversial track “Southlander” which explored the beliefs of a megachurch, a church which has many people divided within the community. However with this release he had to go through a mental checkup as authorities were convinced that he was a threat to himself and others.

The recently released music video of TRXSH GXD is “CHICKEN SQUAWK”. It is presented in hip hop and rap styles of music and is a two minutes and fifty two seconds music video. Every lyric in this music video is very catchy. Thus we can say that the songwriting is brilliant and it elevates the structure of the song. The vocals of the song are perfect indeed. They work in tandem with hip hop style and mixes captivatingly with the strum of beats.

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