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I Loved Her

by FieldOfVisionz

FieldOfVisionz is a talented artist who was born in California USA, under the Inland Empire in Los Angeles. He is a talented, young artist and he is a 25 year old man who lives in Moreno Valley, California to be exact. He has a keen interest in music and his music interest is mainly for hip hop and sad music. FieldOfVisionz says that his passion is to express himself through music and artwork. However, he released his latest single recently and it is titled as “I loved her”. “I loved her” is a song which comes in a variety of music styles. Namely, the song consists of RAndB Soul, lofi hip hop, Underground hip hop, emo music and sad music.

This song actually depicts a sad heartbreak of a past lover. It denotes how that person’s love was not much sufficient for his partner and how that in turn made this man a monster. “I loved her” became a popular release for its addictive music varieties. The music piece actually initiates from a very sad melody presenting listeners a complete sad and agonized world. Thus, through the first second itself listeners are able to depict the pathetic life of the singer. The lyrics used for the song are extremely meaningful and thoughtful as well. They help the listeners to realize the title of the song. Indeed the songwriting is brilliant and it elevates the vocal lines, rift work and the beautiful concept of this song.

When considering the vocals of the singer, the song actually features passionate vocals where the listeners are immersed into the song. They work in tandem with the beat and the lyrics. The mourn that the singer makes is beautifully illustrated within these lyrics and the vocals. So, “I loved her” is a unique and an excellent work done by FieldOfVisionz.

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