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Chocolate Bar
Zach Peccio
Zach Peccio

Chocolate Bar

by Zach Peccio

Chocolate Bar needs no introduction as we are aware of what it is. Zach Peccio’s Chocolate Bar, the latest electronic pop single, is quite the contrary to an edible bar of chocolate. Rather, used as a metaphor. Hence, the underlying meaning resonates with what chocolate generally represents. The sweetness, the sourness and the bitterness respectively.

The song is all about a deep desire of having an illicit relationship and basking in its pleasure and the lines “ everything we do now is unspeakable , everything we do must never come out” confirms the obvious. I bet it is as sweet, sour and bitter as a Chocolate Bar.

Zach Peccio is unafraid of the world and unaffected by the world, and he has proven it this time too. Being bold seems like his comfort zone and he seems to enjoy it . Otherwise no sane person would put up an array of songs relating dark fanatical desires. Because people might find him objectifying women. There is a high probability of him receiving slack for it.Either he is aware of it or has blissfully ignored it. Perhaps awaiting. Anyhow, Zach Peccio the artist is using the freedom of expression to the fullest.

Also , Zach seems interested in proving his mettle as an actor too. If you paid close attention to his previous releases, throughout the video he becomes the center of attraction. I think he loves the attention. He is talented, there is no denial about it. He just needs a bit of polish and direction to unleash the potential inside of him.

Chocolate Bar is another addition to his body of work, which has Zach’s original streaks of boldness combined with sweet, sour and bitterness of his voice. And that goes well with slower tempo electro music, a petite observation of mine. If you are up to tasting different things, Chocolate Bar is worth listening to.

Zach Peccio

Zach Peccio

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