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Now or Never

by HakavellFoFn

Now or Never happens to be the latest single by HakavellFoFn. The song is an out and out mixture of Rap and Hip Hop where the artist HakavellFoFn feels most comfortable and passionate about. HakavellFoFn as he describes himself is an independent artist from Newark, New Jersey where the place had a greater influence over him. New Jersey is known for the Jazz, R&B , Hip Hop , Folk and Bluegrass music across the globe. It must have had its influence over him and you could witness it.

Personally I am not a much of fan of Hip-Hop and R&B, if I may be truthful. Well , that’s a very personal choice and everybody has a different taste in music and that’s absolutely fine. Hence, commenting or reviewing Hip – Hop and R&B is not my forte. However, I could say with sheer confidence that HakavellFoFn’s Rap skill is magnificent. He is an extremely skillful Rap artist. And, you could see him pouring his heart out and it is genuine. To know how skillful he is , you better listen to Now or Never on Spotify.

Now or Never, the song is more or less a life experience of the artist and that’s my personal opinion. And I could be wrong too. However, the lyrics or the meaning of Now or Never is not something too unfamiliar for all of us who would be listening to the song. There would be something which you will be able to resonate with and that happens to be the beauty of Now or Never. Listeners would feel connected.

To be connected to Now and Never, there is only one way. Listen to the song on Spotify and you could counter attack my opinion afterwards. Anyhow, you have to listen in the first place. HakavellFoFn’s beat is addictive to the ears even for non Rap and Hip-Hop lovers. If your go to go music is Rap and Hip – Hop, listen to Now or Never, I reckon you wouldn’t be disappointed.



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