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Close The Gap


The latest song by Israeli musician and producer PANDTN is called “Close The Gap,” and it’s a hauntingly beautiful piece that combines post-punk, new wave, and gothic themes. PANDTN, as Vladimir Levintovich, creates emotionally charged and musically sophisticated songs with a classic post-punk sound that he pulls inspiration from the alternative rock and new wave heroes of the 1980s. The new single has a strong upbeat alternative rock groove, with staccato guitars and analog synths that create a dark minor-key tone.

The album’s title refers to the fact that it is a compilation of remixes of PANDTN’s first two hits, as well as the new tune, “Close The Gap.” Levintovich demonstrates his musical versatility by expanding the boundaries of his characteristic post-punk sound in each of his mixes. This album, available on all major streaming platforms, will satisfy the appetites of post-punk and new wave devotees.



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