Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Foxterion

The Czech Republic’s own Foxterion is back with a brand new single called “Shadow.” The song has a driving dance beat that will have you moving in no time. The music video is a visual feast, with captivating graphics that fit the high energy of the song wonderfully.

The track “Shadow” is a great example of Foxterion’s producing prowess, with its polished sound and pulsating drops. This song exemplifies the artist’s skill at making music that is both infectious and experimental sonically. If you like electronic dance music (EDM) or you just want to get your body moving, “Shadow” is the song for you.

Foxterion is an artist to keep an eye on, what with his rapidly expanding fan following and reputation as one of the most intriguing emerging names in electronic dance music. See for yourself how magical “Shadow” may be by watching it on YouTube.


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