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Crawl Inside

by Jade the Nightmare

Brave black alternative female vocalist Jade the Nightmare from Denver will captivate you with her music. Jade explores heavy metal, alternative, and rock in her latest offering, “Crawl Inside” (Official Music Video), for a sound that is forceful and unforgettable.

Jade the Nightmare is a genre-bending innovator whose distinctive sound and style defies convention. She gives a new perspective to the music industry and has an unorthodox energy that she uses to boldly question the status quo.

The forceful and intense tone of “Crawl Inside” is reflected in the music video’s found footage aesthetic. Jade’s mesmerizing performance, in which she expertly embraces the succubus theme, is wonderfully complemented by the beautiful visuals she creates.

Jade the Nightmare, a singer and songwriter based in Denver, Colorado, is making waves with her unique sound and riveting performances.

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