Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by middlenglish

Get ready for an exciting musical adventure with middlenglish’s new single “America.” Bellingham, Washington’s middlenglish is a one-man solo band with a sound that cuts through any language barrier and pierces the listener’s soul.

Middlenglish, a self-taught musician and iconoclast, creates thoughtful instrumental pieces that let the music speak for itself. This young artist has an original and immediately recognisable style that far exceeds expectations, thanks to great depth, technical skill, and a natural ability.

The music of middlenglish is a masterpiece of the modern day, bursting with fresh ideas and intense emotion. The mysterious and ethereal character of their music stems from the fact that it draws inspiration from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The artist’s ability to take the listener on an emotional ride through elation, joy, sadness, and mystery is on full display here.

Middlenglish continues to wow with their ground-breaking, genre-defying digital music with each new album they produce. The future may offer surprises, but we can be sure that whatever middlenglish does next, we’ll be left eagerly anticipating yet another wonderful musical experience.




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