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Crazy Trains Rush to the Ocean

by Coda Nova

“Crazy Trains Rush to the Ocean” by Coda Nova. Coda Nova’s latest offering is an upbeat, alternative rock fusion with an addictive hook and powerful message. This band delivers listeners an undeniably memorable melody from the verse to the pre-chorus to the chorus. everything leaves its mark, and the lead vocals carry every moment flawlessly.

“Coda Nova” is a progressive/alternative rock band from Atlanta, GA, USA. Formed in the chaotic times of 2020, the 4-piece group of music lovers have brought new relevance to the progressive rock band, capturing the timeless rock and roll elements of Floyd and Rush in their original compositions, tapping into today’s mainstream appeal. modern rock; A tip of the hat to artists like Coheed and Cambria, Tool and Radiohead.

After the end of 2022, Coda Nova will release 3 original songs as singles: TO BE A BURDEN, GANYMEDE and FABLE. Each of these tracks is distinct and works well to illustrate the band’s versatile musical direction. Additionally, the band has gained a quick reputation for putting together creative instrumental mashups of their favourite rock songs. Audiences can expect impressively woven layers of iconic and nostalgic tunes during a Coda Nova show, including artists such as Metallica, Muse, Rush or Rage Against the Machine.

The soundscape isn’t the first thing that pops up, the solo speech performance is the first to come into focus. The language used, if it’s not your native language, doesn’t detract from the experience – the emotional intensity of the performance, the tone of the voice and the amazing atmospheric audio that follows, all direct your mind in a certain direction, sometimes in a more powerful way than simply representing ideas through lyrics.

The lyrics are simple but effective, and the imagery is powerful as it conjures up certain emotions that go well with the concept. Verses express problems, and hooks express one of the only currently accessible solutions. As the song progresses, the drive for change increases in presence and intensity, and the music reinforces all of this well. The artist offers another wonderful voice of ever-important and, hopefully, growing hope and positive influence.

The rock music is great, the artist brings a good level of energy, and as mentioned – the passion is consistent in both the vocal performance and the construction of the music. The instrumentation is stylish and clever every riff, every added sound, every moment the beat carries. If you like rock music, it’s worth listening to this song.

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