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Tlk Too Mch

by Hotelroom

Rapper,producer and director ‘Hotelroom’ is an upcoming artist from Phoenix, AZ who also claims to be an engineer and a graphic designer predominantly experimenting music under the genres of Hip Hop, Rap and R&B.Since he was a young kid, he was passionate about music and has been experimenting genres and styles of music.As an aspiring, young artist he draw his inspirations from artists like ‘Tyler’,’The Creator and Playboi Carti’.He has released a couple od albums and a considerable amount of singles as an aspiring novice artist who is trying stamp his mark in the world of music.According to the artist,his best piece of work out of all the tracks he has done is a song title named as “Scared of the Dark?” and his favorite being “Play Money”. His latest release is a Hip Hop , Rap song called “Tlk Too Mch” which also features “Maniac”.

According to my point of view, the song “Tlk Too Mch” revolves around some sort of betrayal or jealousy of not having the person you have feelings for.After analyzing the song video, you see that the person is not in a happy state and he is full of anger and hatred because of the conflict or rift between the two has caused problems between the two.It hints us that that there’s a heated argument going between the two.In a nutshell, the song has a feeling of bitterness or vengefulness where the person is lashing out his anger and hate in a revengeful tone.

The track is more of a rap song that is fast paced to express the feelings of anger and bitterness.‘Hotelroom’ as a novice artist has expressed the emotions in the song in a great way. All he needs is a bit of practice of how to manage timing of the song with keeping the flow of the song.Overall he has experimented fusions of Rap and Hip Hop to make the track a hit.

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