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Mirzy Productions
Luwop ft ot7 Quanny


by Luwop ft ot7 Quanny

Dive into the beats and bars of Luwop and OT7 Quanny as they team up to drop the explosive hip-hop track, “Cycle.” These artists are set to redefine the game with their dynamic collaboration.

Luwop, a rising force in the hip-hop landscape, joins forces with the charismatic OT7 Quanny to create a track that’s not just a song; it’s an experience. The seamless blend of their styles results in a sonic journey that captures the essence of the genre’s evolution.

As the beats drop and the verses flow, “Cycle” invites you into a world where rhythm meets raw lyricism. Luwop and OT7 Quanny bring a new wave to hip-hop, and with “Cycle,” they’re steering the genre into uncharted territories. Get ready to ride the rhythmic wave of this powerhouse collaboration.

Mirzy Productions

Luwop ft ot7 Quanny

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