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Dark Fabric

by Melua

“Dark Fabric” is the freshest music production by Melua, one of their most influential tracks so far. The track opens up with an athletic guitar riff before a lead-heavy guitar appears in as well along with a terrific mashing drum rhythm that bestows the track an extremely exquisite tone. The bass similarly works to add a leaf of profundity to “Dark Fabric” as well. The track gradually transitions into a hastily section which is incredibly moved by a guitar riff and has a contentious and heavy touch to it. As the lyrics of this track are entirely deep, the chorus chills in the seriousness of the melody and emphasis as the initial verse appears in a melodic mode before entering the aggression of the verse.

The distinction between the last verse and the initial parts is extraordinary because even though the verse is created with an electrifying assertive tone, metal rock listeners would not find this track as an exceptional creation if it remained in that same mood and colour throughout the whole song, thankfully the chorus goes with the melodic attitude however still goes nicely with the track predominantly. The climax of this track is perhaps the most roaring part of the song and the listeners get to listen to fiery vocal executions that blow the listeners psyche with heavy yet philosophical lyrics. Here, the tone is extremely heavy in some parts however it is relatively melodious until the end. Overall, “Dark Fabric” is a track that will reverberate in most listeners’ ears for years and it deserves recognition from rock music listeners around the world.



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