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Get back

by 12Milly

12Milly’s newest single, “Get Back” is inarguably his strongest to date. The artist sounds potent and calm, alleviating the listeners’ mind in an expressive way with such adaptable vocals which are excellent for this song as he fits the attitude of the song in a stunning way, using some remarkable ad-libs to the track. The production is outstanding, sounding honestly alleviating with a sunny beat that comes along with some deep, intriguing drums. The lyrics are clever as many can easily relate to every single line, with the artist using an effective flow which is extremely tricky. 12Milly is massive on the track and his evolution as an artist is great compared with his initial productions.

Overall, “Get Back” has a tighter tune, more intriguing production, and snappy lyrics. “Get back” is such a cool track that is ideal for listening to when everything is grey and you feel like vibing along with your thoughts and get absorbed into the deep mind. With such an incredible setup, its minor spins of expressions and breathless bursts make this single unique. Subsequently, 12Milly manages to sound both proficient and precise. It enables every minute of “Get Back” to feel top-notched musical exploration. Further, this lively track is more evidence that 12Milly is an artist worth rooting for. This is a must-try if you are an enthusiast in the rap music phenomenon as “Get back” brings one of 12Milly’s best performances so far.

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