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Democracy Strong, 2023
Lynn Hoover
Lynn Hoover

Democracy Strong, 2023

by Lynn Hoover

Singer & songwriter, family therapist, and animal behaviorist Lynn Hoover of Tampa, Florida, USA, presents her stirring composition “Democracy Strong, 2023” at a time when the globe longs for a robust democracy. This folk protest song has arrived at a pivotal time, speaking to the universal yearning for a strong American democracy.

Hoover, a psychologist and activist for social justice, writes songs that provoke deep reflection and excite the spirit. As a call to arms, “Democracy Strong, 2023” encourages people to work together to save democracy for the next generation.

Hoover uses her music to play the role of a motivational speaker and rally others to take positive action. Her moving song is a call to arms to safeguard democratic values and encourage citizen participation in these perilous times.

An anthem for a world in search of change, “Democracy Strong, 2023” is a testament to the power of music as a unifying force for good.

Lynn Hoover

Lynn Hoover

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