Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by SKELLY ft Jay Rich

Houston, Texas’ SKELLY is making waves with his infectiously catchy brand of melodic rap and motivational lyrics. SKELLY’s latest smash, “RED ALERT,” is a musical masterwork that has fans begging for more.

SKELLY started out as a musician who wanted to make music that expressed who he was as a person. His fresh take on rap and signature sound are making him a standout in a crowded market.

In “RED ALERT,” SKELLY displays his poetic skill by blending catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics. The song’s stirring message acts as a rallying cry for individuals in need of inspiration and determination to keep fighting and to tackle adversity head-on.

The more popular SKELLY becomes, the more noticeable his influence on the music industry is. His adventure has barely begun, but with “RED ALERT,” he has already established himself as an artist to keep an eye on. Listen out for SKELLY as his melodic verses cause a stir in the rap industry.

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