Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Freddie B

Are you crazy about Hip hop music? Do you like emotional songs? Do you love rhythmical music? This one is a fresh release. Freddie B’s new song ‘Demons’. Demons song is a heart touching song. Sometimes it made us cry. The song begins with a soothing vibe. As well, the song has heart touching music. The mix is great. And the song lyrics are meaningful and it can melt our hearts. This track is loaded with gentle vibes. And this one has emotional music to listen to. He tries to share his pain with the world and that is so inspiring. Anyway, this is interesting to listen to. This music is not sharpened, we can feel what they are saying. And the music presentation is simple and beautiful.

‘Demons’ is sung by Freddie B. He is an up and coming popular and talented artist who comes from Kansas City, Kansas, United States. This soulful artist worked hard to succeed in his music career. Freddie B’s voice is unique. When he sing he enjoys himself. Then we can enjoy his songs with him. This youth hip hop artist Freddie B sings confidently. And also his passion is unique and relates to him. He is a fantastic hip hop artist. Not only that he is a talented rapper. His word play is amazing, and his voice is powerful and fascinates us. Sometimes he sings emotional songs that will make us cry. I think his voice has a magical power. You can listen to his music on youtube and spotify platforms.

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