Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by TYRO ft F1RST

“AUS DEM WEG” not only finds TYRO and F1RST the German artists at their absolute best, but it also proves just how wide rap music has carved into the world. The essence of the song, undoubtedly, is their tremendous performances. With “AUS DEM WEG ” their power of the mic, both vocally and lyrically, is unrivalled on their own. More importantly, though, it is remarkable the way they bend wordings around the beat; among most hip-hop rap music, this track is perhaps one of the most striking, though, because of its lively colour. Even though many foreign listeners cannot dive deep into the song due to language barriers still they can rejoice in the significant way the artists deliver the track. In this track, TYRO and F1RST use music as a medium to demonstrate their view: next, let’s not overlook the music here. After a sombre intro, the song’s quite downbeat violin part appears. Then the beat drops. Eventually, it all revolves together and fuses sonic steam that the artists verbally hack around.

The track kicks off with a piece of rumbling music with assorted sounds bouncing out of the mix with a sharp flavouring. Both the artists rap with serious pertinence. The words are outpouring like never before, and the artists verify that they are one of the world’s most significant names in the game with the contagious and first-rate excellence reflected from the beginning. Overall, most listeners surely would not be able to get enough of “AUS DEM WEG” by TYRO ft F1RST. From the first listen you will be an admirer of these masterful rappers. Further, it has been quite a few years since we have heard of a masterpiece that blew us away like this. This track has the power of having the listeners hanging on every word. That being the case, hats off, TYRO ft F1RST, you did good!



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