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Don’t Lose The Spark That Makes You Unique

by Frank Poelman

Belgian artist Frank Poelman unveils a sonic masterpiece with “Don’t Lose The Spark That Makes You Unique.” This instrumental rock anthem is a journey through emotive landscapes, punctuated with funky undertones that add a unique flair to the composition.

Hailing from Belgium, Frank Poelman is not just a musician; he’s an alchemist, blending genres seamlessly to create a sound that captivates. “Don’t Lose The Spark That Makes You Unique” is not merely a title; it’s a mantra, a reminder to embrace individuality. The track’s dynamic twists and turns mirror life’s unpredictability, urging listeners to hold onto their essence amidst the chaos.

In this instrumental odyssey, Frank Poelman crafts a sonic tapestry that resonates beyond borders, inviting audiences to connect with the universal language of music and celebrate the spark that sets each of us apart.

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