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by Benza

In the realm of UK hip-hop, Benza emerges as a formidable force, narrating his tumultuous journey through the deeply evocative “Colossus.” Hailing from Banbury, Oxfordshire, and now rooted in Reading, Berkshire, Benza’s life story is a testament to resilience, triumphing over adversity.

“Colossus” is not just a track; it’s an autobiographical odyssey, navigating through the shadows of abuse, addiction, loss, and the brink of self-destruction. Benza’s lyrical prowess transcends genres, weaving between conscious hip-hop and hard-core narratives. A survivor of homelessness, overdoses, and a near-death experience, Benza’s music becomes a raw, unfiltered expression of his multifaceted artistry.

As Benza celebrates one year of sobriety, “Colossus” stands tall, a sonic monument to survival, healing, and the indomitable spirit within. Through his verses, Benza invites listeners to connect with his pain and find hope in the possibility of redemption. From punchline-driven battles to heartfelt storytelling, Benza’s versatility is the spice that flavors this hip-hop masterpiece.

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