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Don’t You Ever Try


BATZEE is an electronic music producer and musician. He lives in Essex, UK. He has been associated with over half a million music streams across all media channels and thousands of music lovers like him. He performs electronic dance music including House, Deep House, Future Bass, and Troupe.

BATZEE is at the forefront of the field of electronic music, expanding its sound and music access. As an independent musician, he meets new fans every day who continue to support his music production choices. Composed by UK-based music producer BATZEE, this hit, and uplifting electronic song combines captivating dance sensibilities and deep human emotions. “Don’t You Ever Try” builds and falls brilliantly, with subtle layers of happy hard cells from the beginning and subtle layers of injecting a specific purpose and feeling from the beginning.

“Don’t You Ever Try” is ultimately a contemporary Electronic / House track that recreates the sound of electronic dance with dance-music vibes, melody, and unmistakable strings of identity and story. Running in two minutes and thirty-one seconds, the track offers a completely redesigned look at what can be done in an electronic single-depth sphere and speaks volumes about the manufacturer’s skill and perfection. “Don’t You Ever Try” is a beautiful example of great music production and composition combined under the creative blanket of modern audio playing. It is an addictive melody, incomparable, and surprisingly absorbing when played in volume.

Made bright, refreshingly unique, attractive, and flawless. Notably, a talented and enthusiastic artist has a distinct personality to share with the music world. “Don’t You Ever Try” is a creative single with good vibes. You can listen to this music on Spotify.

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