Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Auroara Leigh

Canadian Metis singer-songwriter Auroara Leigh’s new album, “Emergence,” is a surge of uplifting energy that is capturing audiences. Auroara’s music is a bright light of introspection and genuine expression in a society dominated by the opinions of others.

The music of Auroara Leigh is more than just a vehicle for conveying emotion; it is also a means of establishing meaningful connections with others. Her music encourages vital dialogue and compassion by tackling tough subjects including domestic violence, drug abuse, and exploitation of the vulnerable. She skillfully incorporates her research on the effects of trauma on successive generations into her writing.

Auroara, a Canadian Metis, draws deeply from her indigenous heritage to create a soaring blend of spirituality and beauty in her music. Her prior works, such “Feel It to Heal It” and “Sacred Rebirth,” have firmly established her as a courageous truth-teller on the Sacred Fire Medicine Path.

By adding the violin to the mix on “Emergence,” Auroara pays tribute to her Metis ancestry and her grandfather’s musical history. It’s a riveting musical voyage of self-discovery and healing, inspiring listeners to let go of false stories and accept who they really are.


Auroara Leigh

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