Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Don Drago ft LA The Goat

Tampa, Florida’s own Don Drago, a talented singer, producer, and entrepreneur, is set to unleash a musical bombshell with his new single “Rax,” which features the indomitable LA The Goat. This hybrid of rap and hip-hop is sure to become popular.

Don Drago’s career in music began when he was a child, and ever since then, he has been unstoppable. Some of his musical inspirations include Flo Rida’s infectious choruses and the lyrical genius of Eminem and Ludacris. His work reflects this eclectic well of creativity.

To those who are eager to grasp the day and revel in life’s triumphs, “Rax” is more than just a song; it’s an anthem. Don Drago’s song has infectiously catchy lyrics and a pulsating melody that will have you nodding your head the whole time. His songs inspire listeners to take charge of their life and go after their goals by emphasising the value of hard work and personal bravery.

Prepare yourself for the energising sounds and inspiring lyrics of “Rax” by Don Drago, starring LA The Goat, and allow this tune to serve as your daily dosage of motivation.

Don Drago

Don Drago ft LA The Goat

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