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by VYD3N

VYD3N is an experimental Artificial Intelligence project from Ai Audio Engineer Robert Hollingsworth with studio recordings by Peter Cliff.

Empty is the first single from the debut (Self-Titled) LP by VYD3N, an album completely composed by Ai, transcribed, and then recorded with studio musicians.

Constantly pushing the creative boundaries of electronic music production, VYD3N creates melodies at an incredible level with “Empty”. At just over a few minutes long, this release has an unexpected and captivating vibe that draws you in right from the start. Cascading keys of nostalgic tones and a mix of familiarity and exploration combine to create an unmistakable but fading wave of emotion.

The track begins with multi-layered richness and light electronic sounds. The opening synths have a classic sci-fi vibe, which is usually a VYD3N calling card, and they complement and enrich the timeless melodic journey in a way that instantly draws you in. Layers are subtly connected across the track, from delicacy to distortion – the structure keeps things moving, but not at the expense of those crucially familiar threads. On the contrary, the organic sound of nature, new syntheses, distortions, keys and deliberately organized chaos are introduced.

Overall, LP is incredibly easy to get lost in. Amazing production with a beautiful and intriguing soundscape. Can’t wait to see what VYD3N comes up with next!

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