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by Kensei

Kensei is an upcoming artist from Arlington,Tennessee and his latest release is a soulful song named ‘YOUTH’.Kensei has got a certain uniqueness to his songs as he expresses his emotions through his work ,and it is very commendable as a novice artist in the industry has the ability to evoke strong emotions in our hearts.His newest song certainly evoked my feelings and I’m sure it will do yours too.

To begin with, the song YOUTH is about a heartbroken lover that goes through a series of emotions, and it seems as if he’s lost because he still hasn’t moved on from his past “Am I on your mind though’’ indicates that the narrator of the song still thinks about his lover and he wants to know whether she still feels the same for him.The song revolves around two young lovers who used to be in love and for some reason they had separated which has caused agony and mental trauma which has become an inescapable factor for him.He also mentions about the sweet memories of their love and he hasn’t forgotten about his lover as he promised.”I just need another chance’’ emphasizes that he wants another chance for the relationship to fix everything and that he would rectify his mistakes to prove that he is a better person.

In a nutshell, the song is about the pangs of separation and the feelings of a heartbroken lover.The agony caused by the heartache has highly affected the narrator and he is pleading her to come back into his life because he’s still in love with her and it’s almost hard for him to move on.As an upcoming artist Kensei has done a superb job as the song evokes feelings of anyone who has gone through a heartbreak.The song has the perfect melancholic tone to it and to sum up the mental agony of a heartbroken lover is showcased throughout the song in a heart wrenching way.

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