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Enough Is Enough
Todd Kowaluk
Todd Kowaluk

Enough Is Enough

by Todd Kowaluk

Let me introduce you to “Enough Is Enough,” a brand new song by Canadian musician Todd Kowaluk. Kowaluk’s music is a blend of folk, pop rock, and singer-songwriter styles that delve deeply into topics of love, loss, faith, fierceness, and hope.

Todd Kowaluk is a multi-instrumentalist whose heartfelt singing and introspective lyrics result in an original fusion of acoustic pop and easy-listening rock. His extended play “Love Can Set Us Free” received rave reviews and won “Best Pop Demo” at the IMC’s Awards in Hollywood, California.

Kowaluk’s new single, “Enough Is Enough,” displays his maturation as an artist and his determination to make a difference in the world. His own growth and transformation are reflected in the upbeat indie-pop guitar riff and positive lyrics of this song. Todd Kowaluk’s music encourages people to take chances, believe in second chances, and challenge themselves to grow as individuals.

Journey with Todd Kowaluk through his music and feel the depth of his feelings and the depth of his messages. People who are looking for inspiration and change in their life will find that “Enough Is Enough” speaks to them.

Todd Kowaluk

Todd Kowaluk

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