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Epic Birthday

by Epic Drip

“Epic Birthday” is Epic Drip’s new song. The intense tone gives a perfect start with a subtle and airy riff that stays relaxed in the atmosphere. Epic Drip then pours his energy and story into action. The nature and color of the release are really drawn by the stop-start nature of the beat. as well, he collaborates with the environment to achieve his goals.

Epic Birthday is a huge track by an amazingly talented Germanic. Epic Drip is a soulful hip hop artist from Fayetteville NC Frankfurt Germany. He has talents in Hip Hop, Rap, R&B and Trap genres. “Epic Birthday” is a fairly specific track. This particular encounter with music and melody has created an extremely intense and contagious vibe that you will miss after the effects of the sound, the various currents, the orchestral hurricane and the power of that hook. Undoubtedly, this track puts a hook that will never be missed.

For a variety of titles that seem less than clear or crunchy or clean, this unique offering is designed to be as stylish as possible and work brilliantly in the context of the music. The soundscape is beautiful and captivating but not in any of the ways you might expect. The music fuses something of a retro sound with a very intense feeling of now; a fresh start, a new beginning. Epic Drip decided to make a birthday song. He wants to epic his birthday as well. Epic Birthday explains the artist’s Epic birthday.

The final section or hook offers a change of character, adds an alternative dynamic, and keeps things fresh and interesting. The beat continues to amaze me every moment towards that final quarter, and overall you get a weighty and addictive track that is instantly recognizable after one listen.

With a fresh and refreshing flow, Epic Drip has created a track that is sure to get your head bobbing along to the beat. If you are a hip hop fan, this is definitely a race track you will not want to miss!


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