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by FoulBoyz Tragedy

FoulBoyz Tragedy is a Hip Hop artist from Los Angeles, CA with a gritty cocky style of rapping and delivering bars on each track, Also he is the CEO of the rap collective brand FoulBoyz Music Group. He is well known by his peers from formally being in a party/rap group called ” LMKR ” and the team use to make songs for the party scene now FoulBoyz Tragedy is on a new mission dropping singles like ” Foul Talkin ” and ” Foul Talkin pt 2 ” plus many more on all platforms!

With the bright new song “All CAP”, California artist and rapper FoulBoyz Tragedy injects an important purpose and heart into contemporary rap.

The song opens with a light, casual melody that draws you into a false sense of security. Moments later, Wayneville’s lyrics struck you like a ton of bricks. The voice is wonderfully presented with a powerful mix of both wet and dry signals that really allow you to focus on the lyrics. The singing is fast and the rhythm flows perfectly. The lyrics of this song are well written and tell a personal and relative story.

The distribution of the FoulBoyz Tragedy “All CAP” is so special. His voice was calm and added but there was also a slight inclination. This allows him to rap on an honest level that is rare in the hip-hop world. The lyrics also flow together at a high level and perfectly. The production on this track is top-notch.” All CAP” is a track that you can repeat and vibrate. It’s a perfect blend of hip-hop, rap, and R&B, and it’s sure to shake your head.

If you’re a fan of hip hop, or you’re looking for something new and fresh to listen to, FoulBoyz Tragedy is an artist you should check out. “All CAP” is a great example of his skill and potential and will shake your head. If you’re looking for something new and fresh to add to your playlist, this is the song. So go ahead and listen. You will not be disappointed.

FoulBoyz Tragedy

FoulBoyz Tragedy

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