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Falling Closer
Timmy Lai-Smith
Timmy Lai-Smith

Falling Closer

by Timmy Lai-Smith

Stunning and upcoming artist Timmy Lai-Smith is a musician and producer. He is enjoying creating music. He loves to create music. He creates so many beautiful songs. Not only that he can play musical instruments cleverly. He is clever enough to play piano, bass and guitar.

He is not only an artist. He can tell stories beautifully. He is imagining new stories while he is playing guitar for relaxation. Sweet music guides people to present new creations. He is an artist as well as an educated man. Most people like to talk with him and take advice from him. Not only that he is a good father. Combining his passion for music and teaching, Tim enjoys using his imagination to entertain his three children through his stories, as well as sharing lessons learned with parents in need of guidance and certification.

He lives in Nottinghamshire, England, where he continues to have parental control and continues music. In 2013, he published his first children’s book. If you want to see his creation Visit his blog at

He mostly likes rock gener. He listens to rock music whenever he can as well he tries to learn about it. Then finally he proudly released his own songs. And also he helps other people to make tracks. He always contributes his time to do some special thing.

The most fascinating “Falling Closer” begins with the catchy rhythm we predict to hear at the start of the first track. The guitar playing is adorable. It is interesting to hear. This melody is freshy and It can fascinate our mind. The song lyrics have deep meaning and we can feel what he says. This song is simple and unique. The bass guitar sounds in the middle of the song are fantastic. Due to his singing ability, he is popular among the audience as a talented rockstar. Many rock lovers gather around him and love his music. When he sings the song he enjoys it. You can also enjoy listening to the song.

He shows his abilities not only singing but also he can play instruments fascinately. “Falling Closer” is one of his life turning points. We hope most rock music lovers will like this captivating production.

Timmy Lai-Smith

Timmy Lai-Smith

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