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Holding My Breath X Nadiyon Paar

by Ethyr

Ethyr, the producer flips the music on its head, bringing forth new ingredients to embellish the stunning vocal lines in the smashing singles, “Holding My Breath” and “Nadiyon Paar”. “Holding My Breath X Nadiyon Paar” by Ethyr, in many ways, is a combination refreshed with club mixes that are festival-inclined and produced with the massive spotlight in mind. Ethyr manages to provide formerly heard songs a breath of fresh air through new chord flows, altered vocals, and harder-hitting beats.

The most captivating “Holding My Breath” starts up with the enthralling rhythm we predict to hear when the original track starts. The song, though, does not avoid the balanced form that was everywhere in the original track – and it is not difficult to notice. However, Ethyr’s revelation in production has bestowed a new sound to one of this year’s freshly played tracks and set up it more suitably for the live stage.

Enabling it to stand radiant on its own feet, Holding My Breath X Nadiyon Paar gives rise to a rare sound in place of the throbbing electro synths in the first arrangement of the track. As the track proceeds, it is proved that this incredible version of these tracks may have been more applicable to the original version, and more pertinent for the huge arena live vibe that is allotted throughout the track. The track delivers an astonishing reintroduction to the ingenious Ethyr’s sound in a remarkable way.

Overall, this remix gives the melody a sharp and precise vibe as compared to the initial rhythm of the original track. The remixed “ Holding My Breath X Nadiyon Paar ” is certain to be polarising–appealing to an entirely distinct audience, the piece will clearly earn explicit responses. Ethyr cleverly produces a fiery production that has an expansive taste of elevated mix with toned-down versions of the original tracks. Glamour and artistry that Ethyr gave rise to with the original versions, Ethyr effectively generates radiant back to the music that most listeners may presently regard as overplayed. As an absolutely captivating production, this track contains the characteristics that enable it to stand out from the original versions as a live-engaged track, nailed-on to draw a smile on any electronic music fan’s face.

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