Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Chili

“Fantasy” is a song by “Chili” that quite effectively sounds as the title implies; the music and the melody come through with a certain brightness that softly seduces you as the story and the performance progress.

Chili is a talented artist from the USA. He is just a normal guy trying to reach his dreams and help the world through music

The track is incredibly creative and flawlessly crafted to a great professional level. There’s a smoothness to it all, these dreamlike, occasionally echoing synths and samples. There’s also an overwhelming delicacy that makes you feel like staying still is the best way to get it—not wanting to disturb the peace or break anything with erratic human behavior. The music has a sense of joyful order and gentle movement that carries your consciousness as the whole thing progresses.

At one point the beat fades out, and the riffs, the atmosphere that washes over you, are exhilarating. It has the effect of making you feel completely at one with your present moment. Selected notes combine to give a magical quality not often seen in ambient music – a particular beat or melody, which follows this collection of notes. There is a single hook, which is unusual and beautiful. “Fantasy” is definitely one to watch out for.

The track structure is unique and interesting to see. The melodic hook comes with the familiar vocal influence of modern pop/ RnB, however, it is used here in an unusual way and the melody contrasts slightly with the weight of the surrounding parts. This artist certainly offers something fresh and true to his own preferences and own sense of style and personality.

This is a very familiar concept of an artist’s struggle to express and be heard and understood, but outside the concept; Everything is full of privacy. Chili’s own perspective and his take on this journey are unfamiliar—it’s fresh, it’s bold, and it speaks an unquestionable truth that’s likely to connect with any empathetic listener and heartfelt, authentic pop fan. Chili talks about rap battles, inner strength and drives to push through. The detail is immense and makes this a very unique series of storytelling.

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