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Feelin’ Like Chad

by Slimm Shad

Here’s your first listen to “Feelin’ Like Chad,” the debut single from upcoming DMV rapper Slimm Shad. Slimm Shad, a rapper from Maryland, is making waves with his fresh sound and infectious charisma.

An aesthetically and acoustically stunning masterwork, “Feelin’ Like Chad” combines northern and southern swagger, charisma, and beautiful rhythms. This track is a preview of Slimm Shad’s forthcoming album, “The Harvest,” and it seems like he’s in for an amazing ride.

Slimm Shad is eager to display his skill and passion for music with his first solo release. His songs reflect his enthusiasm for rap and his dedication to the art of storytelling. This DMV rapper’s breakout single “Feelin’ Like Chad” is only the beginning of a fruitful and successful career. Stay tuned for more from Slimm Shad as he makes his mark on the rap game.

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