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The Mood
Namor & LifeonMarzz
Namor & LifeonMarzz

The Mood

by Namor & LifeonMarzz

In “The Mood,” Namor & LifeonMarzz present the finest of Bay Area, California, music for your listening pleasure. ‘Mile High Club’, the debut album by independent musician, producer, and composer Namor, has been making waves due to its innovative fusion of the Pop and Electronic music styles.

The song “The Mood” is highlighted by LifeonMarzz’s hypnotic vocals that sit over Namor’s beautiful production. Soulful melodies are blended with engaging sounds in this duo’s collaboration, creating an ethereal and immersive experience for listeners.

The song is made all the more appealing by the official music video, which features performances by LifeonMarzz and Kaitlin Bouchard. The video, directed and edited by Roman “Namor” Shokuri and shot in San Francisco, California, adds to the song’s appeal and provides music fans with a full sensory experience.

Namor and LifeonMarzz’s “The Mood” is a Bay Area love story; don’t miss out on its hypnotic charm.


Namor & LifeonMarzz

Namor & LifeonMarzz

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