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Felicia Harding – Pattern

by Felicia Harding

Songwriter, vocal coach, and multi-instrumentalist Felicia Harding is a road warrior who offers a distinct voice from Vancouver Island, Canada. Felicia Harding’s latest single, “Pattern” is new production and one of her most memorable hooks and underlying concepts. It gets better with every listen. Felicia Harding is a fantastic musician, and she always tries to bring something new to all the audience out there with a great vibe.

She wrote this song during the pandemic. She had been playing in several music projects and just getting going doing her dream of touring with original music worldwide. She loved an Aussie guy who she made music with. Then it all stopped, and she felt like it was in a past life. Now the landscape looks very different, and she’s a solo artist.

From a lyrical perspective, the track uses a few concise ideas and lines, making up the bulk of the melodic or vocal moments. Individual driving forces are rhythm, changing pace, structure, and meaning—rather than some clear storyline or personal touch. Whenever you stumble upon a release that feels more like a song than a simple escape song, it’s usually written similarly. The central idea of ​​the hook is accessible to almost anyone, and the creative way the track is arranged gives a sense of unforgettable movement that will likely be identified in the future as the sound of this particular piece of music and performance.

As for this latest single, the track delivers the same recognizable style as always, but musically this is undoubtedly one of the most striking and colorful backdrops yet. Felicia Harding initially grabbed your attention with that famous intro, then emerged as a unique creative explosion through exaggeration, bars, and high-powered performance.

Felicia Harding’s new song is attractive, and her guitar play is incredible. If you want to watch and listen to her new songs, stay tuned to her on youtube.

Felicia Harding

Felicia Harding

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