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Something Spooky

by Jeremy Safron

‘Bar Code Born’ is an upcoming artist based in Upstate New York predominantly experimenting under the genres of Rock music.’’Now I Believe’’ song is the latest song of the band and the melodious voice and the sound of the track is dulcet which makes it very smooth and sweet sounding.As an upcoming artist Bar Code Born has so much potential and talent as the song has a mesmeric quality and effect which is truly admirable.

The song ‘’Now I believe’’ is a love song that expresses how irresistible the feeling of love is. “I couldn’t help it, it was your magic,even if I am agnostic” indicates that the narrator is an agnostic when it comes to love as he may not believe in love as finding true love for him could be something that he doesn’t believe exists in the world.However, he has fallen in love as love comes naturally and sometimes it happens even without realizing that you have fallen for someone.The narrator might have gone through breakups and betrayals that made him no longer believe in love but when he meets the right one he spontaneously falls in love with her because of her goodness and honesty where he refers to it as magic. “Family may not always be blood,but we can choose what we define as love” indicates that family is not always the ones who are going to love us. Love can have many definitions and the bond between two lovers is also an important form of love.

Finally,the song ends with the line ‘’It was your magic,now I believe despite agnostic” indicating that despite being a non believer of true love, he finally has realized that he has fallen in love and that he now believes in true love.To sum up, ‘’Now I Believe’’ is a melodious song about a person who finally finds true love and believes that true love does exist in world.

Jeremy Safron

Jeremy Safron

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