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Find My Way

by The Daytonas

The Daytonas ignite the Rock n Roll spirit with their latest anthem, “Find My Way.” Hailing from England’s South Coast, this four-piece band embodies the essence of raw, unadulterated rock infused with elements of blues, alternative, and indie vibes. Since their formation in 2014, The Daytonas have been on a relentless mission to revive the heart and soul of Rock n Roll.

Their music, a fusion of punk, blues, and surf rock, captivates audiences with its infectious energy and authentic sound. From electrifying guitar solos to powerhouse performances on main stages and intimate venues alike, The Daytonas leave no stone unturned in their quest to spread the gospel of rock. With “Find My Way,” they invite listeners on a journey of self-discovery and resilience, set to a backdrop of thunderous rhythms and soaring melodies. Brace yourself for a sonic adventure as The Daytonas lead the charge to reignite the flames of Rock n Roll across the globe.

The Daytonas

The Daytonas

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