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For Caroline

by Sweet Lily Love

The single “For Caroline (Two Lies)” by “Sweet Lily Love” is nothing short of an romantic and energizing breath of fresh air.

Creating energetic and unique tunes, Sweet Lily Love is a pop electronic artist who brings her own unique style to the music world. Influenced by various EDM, pop and rock artists from the 90s to the present, ‘Sweet Lily Love’ brings quality, experimental songs to the genre that fueled her emerging music career.

This particular track is structurally unique in that the opening verse is kept to a minimal length and the cohesive hook section steps in fairly quickly, which is great; Extremely effective songwriting, and instantly intriguing – even if heard quietly in the background at first.

The entire track is constantly changing. Melodies evolve steadily, so there’s never a moment when you’re not captivated by the sound and the emerging story. Lyrically, the track is as curious as ever, the meaning behind the words holds great value, and the different levels that add up to make up the song, each bringing something unexpected, gradually increasing in intensity, always keeping things interesting.

Leaving aside the lyrics for a moment, the track itself brings a rather new sound. The fresh energy of the music, the riffs and melodies, the overall uplifting nature of the soundscape and the artist’s voice – with its calm confidence and a clear sense of character – all make for something that ticks a lot of boxes. The more you play it, the better it feels. Then when you focus on the lyrics, the whole thing becomes even more brilliant; It is now meaningful, valuable and important.

This track has that blissful after-effect that music lovers often crave and it’s a beautiful thing to discover. Music has excitement when you listen. There is something difficult about transcending styles here. The music wouldn’t be as powerful without the artist’s words, and the artist’s words, though poignant, thoughtful and beautifully poetic, shine most brightly in this musical and moody space. It is prepared – perfect chemistry of elements that is simply happening. The result is something that sounds great, means a lot to the listener, and expresses the lead artist’s creativity and thought process with great flair and warmth.

Sweet Lily Love

Sweet Lily Love

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