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White Fields
The Rock n' Roll Flying Circus
Daniel Grinberg featuring Alex

White Fields

by Daniel Grinberg featuring Alex

Daniel Grinberg is a multi instrumental folk pop producer originally from Buenos Aires,Argentina and he is currently based in Tel Aviv,Israel.Grinberg’s passion and love for music started in his early years of life when he was just a five year old child by starting to play a flute.Grinberg has released many albums and his album named ‘Short Stories’ is a collection of collaborations of Grinberg’s instrumental productions and the vocals of three musicians.The album encompasses a powerful collection of folk pop songs that talks about human nature and life.

‘’White Fields’’ is a dreamy romantic song where you get lost in a world of fantasy.Daniel’s most frequent collaborator Alext is the songstress who has a strong sense of youthful innocence to her voice and in “White Fields’’ her voice sets the perfect tone as it complements the soothing and calming music perfectly. The beauty of love is being compared to the natural elements in an effective way touching our hearts and causing ineffable joy. For instance, ‘’Like flowers in spring’’, she compares the beauty of love to flowers in spring, a sight that is enchanting and the beauty of it is difficult to put into words.So is love.Love is a beautiful feeling that can be felt but difficult to put into words.According to my point of view,”Like the color of trees changing in the fall” is the comparison of the different phases in a loving relationship.The song has an ethereal feeling to it with its amazing lyrics and music along with amazing vocals.

Daniel Grinberg has done a marvelous job in creating this stunning masterpiece and Alex’s captivating voice leaves you in a world of fantasy.Daniel’s passion for music and his talent in creating effortlessly beautiful songs is a rare gift that he possesses as an artist.”White Fields” is a beautiful song about the blessings of love and having someone to be loved.

The Rock n' Roll Flying Circus

Daniel Grinberg featuring Alex

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