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G Shit

by Ray Banz MB Montana

A new music video named “G Shit” was released by the well-known music artists Ray Banz and MB Montana from Laurens, Sc. This amazing song comes in a hip hop style making you actually get involved into the song.
The props used in this music video and the amazing acts performed, work in tandem with the beat of the song. The song indeed is catchy with the visual actions performed throughout. Thus the song is an expertly recorded music video. The stunning and unique vocals included in the song lead you to get involved in the song more. All of the contemporary rhythm, rapping elements and especially the hip hop style which offers a cinematic experience creates a very straightforward setup throughout the song.
The hip hop music style here actually offers a contemplative as well as a meditative listening experience for the listeners. It surely teaches you to know your worth, while reminding you to stay true to yourself. Thus this music video is very attractive and as well as catchy in all the ways. All of the vocal styles which blend perfectly with the melody are really harmonious. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of work by Ray Banz and MB Montana.

Ray Banz MB Montana

Ray Banz MB Montana

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