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150 songs gone
Nathan Julien
Nathan Julien

150 Song Gone

by Nathan Julien

Nathan Julien is a Canadian artist who is highly inspired by 2pac and hiphop music. The artist was deemed to improve his music journey at a very young age. As of today, he has become a talented musician with his incredible rapping style. Nathan aims to help his audience through his top-rated music. Released in 2021, the song “150 Song Gone” has reached out to many music lovers who are fond of great hip-hop music. This track is one of Nathan’s preceding songs of his music career, which means the artist will have much more in store for his audience.

Nathan’s hiphop tone is soothingly reflected through this song. The catchy and repetitive lyrics and lack of exploration make the listeners find solace when listening to this track. The meaning of the lyrics is connected to hip-hop music, though bluntly. Listeners will understand the implication of this song, as it corresponds to the people who mentally struggle. Thus, the delivery of the song suggests that its intentions are basically to give solace to the listeners as a mental relief.

The repetitive background music of the song goes splendidly with the singer’s vocal tone. Still, the song is dominated by a pop tone, which could almost be termed as good hip hop music. Nathan’s vocals can be considered the most cringe-worthy part of the song. There is something unique in the artist’s vocal tone with a special flavour. There is a strong emotional substance felt while listening to the song.

However, the sentiment conveyed could have been much more deftly expressed as the lyrics are simplistic. Overall, “150 Song Gone” is an incredible song worth listening to. It is rather fascinating to sit back and drone out to. The song has a softened, scantily blue feel. Nathan conveys the emotions of the track properly. “150 Songs Gone” is a decent listen when you want to chill out or need to feel assured.

Nathan Julien

Nathan Julien

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